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Base Infusions

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Since cannabinoids are fat soluble, we want to infuse the decarbed cannabis in an oil or fat. This helps you absorb the cannabinoids, and it also makes them easier to cook with. You can use cannabis infused alcohols, fats, oils and butters just as you would use their non-infused counterparts

The ratio of the fat or alcohol to cannabis used will depend on the dosage you are looking for. If you don’t know the % of THC, you can calculate using an estimate of 10%, and figure out the intensity of your end product by trial and error. Unless you’re getting a lab tested product from a licensed producer, absolute certainty in measuring potency is impossible. The recipes that follow show you how to make edibles with butters, oils, and tinctures. They can also be used straight on food such as using butter on bread or oils on salads.

Q: Do I need to use Sunflower Lecithin with my infusions?

Does it matter if it is powder or liquid? A: Sunflower, rice, or soy lecithin is optional but highly recommended. Lecithin is an emulsifier used in cooking for binding ingredients in lipids (butter, oils, and fats). It helps to increase the bioavailability of the flower in the infusions, intensifying the potency of the resulting extracts. Lecithin is available at your local health-food or vitamin store- liquid or powder is fine.

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